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Honsberg Sinus Black TCT

Material:   Material  No. 1.0503 // JIS S45C
Diameter: 300mm round
Cutting rate: 1000 cm² / min.
Cutting time: 42,4 seconds
Saw Blade: Honsberg Sinus Black / TCT - 67x1,6mm 1,1/1,6 ZpZ

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Video comparison TCT versus Bimetal

The video is showing the difference in cutting & performance between a bimetal and a tungsten carbide / TCT blade

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Honsberg Secura versus Honsberg Secura Black

The video is showing difference in cutting & performance between a coated and an uncoated bimetal blade in structural cutting applications

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Honsberg Aurum 

The video is showing parameters and performance of our high end bimetal product Aurum Bimetal M51.

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